What is the SAFPS?


The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) is a non-profit company, founded in 2001 by 2 banks and is wholly funded by the members. They are a proudly South African company committed to the prevention fraud for its members as well as offering the public a way to protect themselves against identity theft and additional protection for consumers whose identity was compromised.

The SAFPS does this by facilitating fraud data sharing between its members – organisations in the banking, retail, financial services, telecommunications, motor vehicle finance and insurance industries – through a centralised database. The SAFPS has made a significant contribution to the South African economy and to Members through the prevention of more than R8 billion in attempted fraud in the last 5 years. The SAFPS draws its strength from co-operative communication where Members pool and share fraud information relating to: individuals, employees, businesses, financial, and internet fraud.

The information compiled by a member is entered into the SAFPS database. This database is continually growing, as stakeholders actively report and file cases of confirmed fraud onto the database including the of the names of people who have been listed for misdeeds ranging from forged salary slips, bank statements and qualifications, to insurance fraud and identity theft.

Manie van Schalkwyk from SAFPS said in an interview with BussinessTech, members of the data base save on average R249 for every R1 spent with the group; in 2017 members reported a 17% increase in savings from the pervious year which equates to more than R2.3 billion.

SAFPS services

According to the SAFPS website the full range of services include:

  • SAFPS database: A database of persons involved in fraudulent behaviours which is capable of identifying individual and syndicate-type fraud.
  • Protective registration: An internet-based, free service to the general public for the registration of lost or stolen identity books and passports and victims of identity fraud.
  • Employment application fraud and employee fraud database: A database of persons involved in fraudulent activities during the recruitment process and in the workplace
  • Data analysis service: Produces matches across a variety of data fields in milliseconds and portrays the data in graphic format.
  • DataCink fraud syndicate service: Identifies fraud syndicates operating throughout the country and distributes warning emails to all SAFPS members.

Core Values of the SAFPS

The SAFPS operates under 6 core values: commitment, integrity, continuous improvement, dignity & respect for the community, communication, and transparency.


The SAFPS is committed to providing effective and efficient service to their customers and stakeholders. This is done through the application of best practice principles in fraud prevention; this includes maintain accurate and correct data, fostering relationships that are based on loyalty, trust and professionalism


The SAFPS understands their responsibility to ensure ethical conduct at all times, ensuring that services are delivered with integrity. Justice, fairness and good governance are all a part of this ethical value.

Continuous improvement

To continually stay one step ahead of fraudsters, the SAFPS operates using methods that are continuously improving and rely on the latest technology. They are able to stay abreast of the trends in fraud and fraud prevention by drawing on sources, both local and internationally, that are trusted industry-leaders.

Dignity & respect for the community

In attempting to prevent fraud, the SAFPS believe in treating everyone fairly and honestly, keeping in mind their individual right. They operate using best practice and maintain compliance with all laws and legislation.

This includes its members reporting fraud that is confirmed and backed by credible evidence. Standard proof is required when reporting a case. This is to say that cases must be prosecutable via a formal complaint made to the South African Police Service. The offence must be clearly identifiable with sufficient checks carried out and a record of these checks. We believe in treating everyone fairly, consistently, sensitively, honestly and with respect for their individual rights in compliance with all laws and legislation.


SAFPS believes that in order to fight fraud, we need to come together and pool shred knowledge. As such they maintain meaningful interaction with relevant government departments, NGO’s and the media. Beyond this, they communication regularly with stakeholders and customer to share information relating to service, industry trends and areas of focus.


It is core to the mission of fraud prevention to operate transparently. This includes acting honestly and openly and taking accountability of actions and decisions.


MarisIT is proud to be affiliated with the SAFPS. Get in contact today to find out how MarisIT in partnership with the SAFPS can help you make informed credit decisions for your business.

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