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Why do you need property valuation reports?

  • Avoid overpaying for a specific property by receiving an estimated value for the property you are interested in.
  • Gain a better insight into the property market within a specific area prior to selling or buying a house and reduce the chance of under-selling.
  • With a comprehensive property report, you can get a better understanding of how much your property should be insured for, saving you time and money.

Benefits and Features of utilising the property valuation reports

  • A comprehensive report that helps you to determine the fair market value of residential property in South Africa. The key feature of the Valuation Report is the estimated value of the property.
  • This property report will provide the highest, lowest and average values in your area. Get an estimate of the property’s value and transfers within the immediate area.
  • It also displays the current owner/s purchase date and registration date. A Valuation can be requested on an ERF, Scheme or Farm. (Farm can be limited and may not return a report).

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