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Why do you need verify bank accounts?

  • Reduce the number of returned payments and lessen the risk of fraud.

  • Make informed decisions when taking on new clients.

  • Reduce admin overhead by avoiding dealing with unverified accounts.

  • Evaluate your credit and supplier risk, increase collections, and reduce fraud.
  • Obtain bank verifications, bank codes, and confirm supplier and vendor information.

Bank services report examples

Bank Code Search

One may request a bank code from a bank if very little or no information is available from a credit bureau. You can also request a bank code for extra piece of mind. A code will be returned for the amount requested.

Bank Account Verification

This enquiry ensures that an account is still active and to prevent a fraudulent transaction. The following is verified with the bank account verification: ID Name / Company Registration, Surname / Company Match, Initials.

Benefits and Features of utilising bank account verification reports

  • Verify an ID number / Company Registration number on a bank account.

  • Find out if the initials, surname and company name matches on an account.

  • Find out if a bank account does exist and is active.

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