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Why do you need KYC verification?

  • Know your customer and control your risk.

  • Reduce possible data breaches, identity theft, account takeover frauds, money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Gain access to a multi-level verification process to protect your bottom line and company’s reputation.

Benefits and Features of utilising know your client reports

  • Swiftly process addresses for Know Your Customer and serve as a proof of address solution for non-face-to-face interaction with customers in the acquisition processes.
  • KYC verifies the address provided by a customer by matching addresses found in the bureaus consumer database supplied by SACCRA (Banks, Telco’s) and NLR (Micro Financing) members in real time.
  • An efficient KYC solution is the need of every businesses sector. To comply with the changing KYC and AML requirements, organisations need a KYC solution that adequately follows all steps of KYC compliance.

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