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Why do you need to verify qualifications?

  • Prevent negligent hiring through academic verification checks and avoid applicants that are under-qualified
  • Reduce the risk of CV fraud by determining which applicants have legitimate qualifications and the correct information.
  • Conduct an academic qualification verification checks to avoid hard or legal liability of various types to the employer and to others.
  • Protect your business from potential risks associated with negligent, under-qualified and dishonest employees.
  • Improve the quality and standard of your hiring practices

Benefits and Features of utilising academic verification reports

  • An online, automated and reliable service that provides fast turnaround times. The turnaround time depends on the institution and can vary.
  • The system has been built to efficiently work with academic institutions’ data so as to ensure the highest service levels.
  • With no minimum number of checks required, our pricing attracts all types of organisations. Please send us an email to verifications@marisit.co.za for a quote.

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