Read More SAFPS The main source for enquiring about confirmed fraudsters in South Africa. Read More Trace Bad Debtors We offer a variety of comprehensive tracking options to track bad debtors Read More Company Reports Information about a company's credit worthiness. Accurate credit decisions are crucial before granting credit Read More Academic Qualification Verify an applicant's matric or academic
qualification status
Read More Listing of Bad Payers List bad payers via our automated online system in real time Read More Consumer Reports Information about an individual's credit history Read More Criminal Checks Verify a person's criminal history and assess their trustworthiness

Some Report Examples

Trace Report

Consumer Credit Report

Business Credit Report

Deeds Report

Bank Account Verification Report

Bank Code Report

Employment Confidence Report

Consumer Score Report

My Credit Report

SAFPS Report

ID Photo Lookup

AFIS Criminal Check Report

Income Predictor

Linkage Detector


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