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Why do you need a lifestyle audit?

  • That there is no benefitting from other undeclared financial interests, such as directorships in vendor businesses.
  • Credit records contain public domain records such as judgements etc.
  • Payment or account information in relation to their declared or salaried income.
  • That there are no records of any fraud committed.
  • That there is no residential or holiday accommodation that appear out of the affordability range of the individual.

Benefits and Features of utilising lifestyle audits

  • You can verify if an employee is living above their means by comparing their known income with their current expenses and lifestyle to reduce fraudulent practices within your business.
  • Receive in-depth financial background information from a debt summary, credit status, payment profile and potential fraud indicators to minimise business risk.
  • Expose potential illicit activities within your company such as corruption, fraud, collusion, embezzlement, bribes etc. and make informed decisions.

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