Read More SAFPS The main source for enquiring about confirmed fraudsters in South Africa. Read More Trace Bad Debtors We offer a variety of comprehensive tracking options to track bad debtors Read More Company Reports Information about a company's credit worthiness. Accurate credit decisions are crucial before granting credit Read More Academic Qualification Verify an applicant's matric or academic
qualification status
Read More Listing of Bad Payers List bad payers via our automated online system in real time Read More Consumer Reports Information about an individual's credit history Read More Criminal Checks Verify a person's criminal history and assess their trustworthiness

Our Customer Service team can be emailed at Should you prefer, contact us via phone, our number is 012 542 7614. You can also contact us via our online Chat function which can be found on our webpage.

MarisIT’s focus is on stable, tried and tested solutions with elements of new technology implemented as it becomes available. We continuously receive feedback from clients to enhance the productivity of the software.

MarisIT provides credit scoring and vetting solutions for small, medium and enterprise companies. Our expertise in providing fully integrated credit bureaus and real-time technology solutions enable our clients to maximise their profit, minimise risk and grow their businesses profitably by eliminating bad debt and fraud.

Maris IT Development (Pty) Ltd is a registered credit bureau. NCRCB23

Take a look at our academic or matric qualifications verification service!

Reduce the risk associated with CV fraud by determining which applicants have legitimate qualifications and the correct information. Contact us today and start improving the quality and standard of your hiring practices.

MarisIT Webservices

A few of our services that can help you manage your risk efficiently

Consumer Credit Reports

Ascertain an individual’s credit history & score before granting credit in order to reduce the risk of fraud or non-payment.

Trace Reports

Trace non-payers & track down bad payers in order to minimize possible risks of fraud & ensure business growth.

Bank Services

Evaluate your credit and supplier risk by obtaining bank verifications, bank codes, increase collections, and reduce fraud.

Company Credit Reports

Make better informed business decisions by evaluating your credit & supplier risk with our company credit reports.

Final Demand Letters

Recover outstanding payments owed to you by sending a final demand letter to defaulters.

Listing of Non-Payers

List a company or person as a bad payer to credit bureaus & recover outstanding payments owed to you.

Deed Searches

Get up-to-date land registration information located in the Deeds Registration System database.

Academic Verifications

Verify applicant’s matric & academic qualifications & reduce the chance of CV fraud in your business.

Motor Vehicle

Confirm specific vehicle identification & finance at the market related values, reducing chances of fraud.

Criminal Background & Driver Checks

Improve your decision-making process & ensure your staff is vetted through comprehensive background checks.

Consumer Score Reports

Get 3rd party access to CPA & NLR Scores generated by Compuscan for a given consumer to make informed credit decisions.

Credit Authorisation Reports

Protect yourself by identifying and avoiding fraudulent activity through our credit authorisation reports.

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Clients that use MarisIT

SAFPS Digital Protective Registration

SAFPS fast tracked this product because of the recent data compromise of 24 million credit bureau records and subsequent media reports that the data is available on the internet.

The Digital Protective Registration process entails:

  1. Consumer clicks on the link – captures ID and scans copy of ID, which is validated against Department of Home Affairs
  2. Consumer takes a selfie which is validated against ID photo
  3. Consumer captures address, telephone number and email address

Once validated, SAFPS will email a Protective Registration letter with a Protective Registration Number to the consumer which then completes the process.

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