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Why do you need an international company report?

  • Determine the credibility of a company and minimise your financial risks.
  • Get more information regarding a company’s adverse activities that may impact a merger.
  • Make informed decisions with up to date information on possible international customers, suppliers or partners.
  • Identify intentional conflicts of interest with possible international customers, suppliers or partners
  • Gain access to international company reports from the following countries USA, Asia, UK, Europe etc.

Benefits and Features of utilising the international company report

  • Experienced researchers provide recommendations on companies, all information is collected, monitored and reviewed.
  • The report also includes vendor information such as contact details, credit rating, risk analysis, principal activity, group structure and legal filing. Customised reports can highlight specifically selected information.
  • You must request a quote before submitting the enquiry. The “request type” will determine how many days it will take for the international company credit report to be completed. The quicker the report reaches you, the higher the cost will be.

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