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Why do you need a cloud solution?

  • Reduce data storage costs by migrating to the cloud, where your data is secured and accessible any time, anywhere.
  • Improve your data back-ups by transferring company / personal data to the cloud.
  • Share information faster through cloud storage.
  • Synchronise your companys’ information across the country with the ease of cloud storage.
MarisIT Cloud Solution and POPI Requirements
Only collect information that you need for a specific purposeInformation gathered via electronic consent is recorded through an audit trail. The information captured is used for compliance purposes only and is not made available to third parties.
Apply reasonable security measures to protect itThe Cloud Solution is subject to best practice security standards and undergoes routine testing such as Web Application Vulnerability Assessments. A full audit trail of all activity is recorded for each individual.
Ensure it is relevant and up to dateHistorical information related to an individual from authorized sources can be updated upon request by the corporate or /and the individual.
Only hold as much as you need, and only for as long as you need itInformation gathered is based only on the client’s needs, the
information that is gathered is only stored based on individual’s
Allow the subject of the information to see it upon requestInformation can be viewed through an internet connection by the client or the individual at any place and at any time via their web browser providing security credentials.

Benefits and Features of utilising the cloud solution

  • MarisIT Cloud ensures transparency. You’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times and can therefore rest assured that no unauthorised individuals are accessing your information.
  • MarisIT Cloud ensures control. All stored information can be hosted publicly or privately in our POPI compliant vault. Giving you access when you need it.
  • MarisIT Cloud ensures access. From call centres and branches to field agents on the go, only designated users have access to the system.

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