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Why do you need the SAFPS database?

  • Confirm whether or not an ID number has been used for any fraudulent purpose or has been victim to fraudulent activity.
  • Identify potentially fraudulent applications and protect your company from falling victim to fraud.
  • Verify the ID of potential fraudsters and reduce the risk of CV fraud
  • Reduce financial fraud by verifying loan applications or identity theft

Types of fraud you can search for

Identity Fraud

A fraudster either assumes the identity of an innocent party or uses a false / bogus identity to obtain goods and /or services.

Miss-use of Accounts

Obtaining an account or credit facility with the deliberate intent of using the account or credit facility fraudulently and evading payment.

Fraudulent Insurance Claim

Material falsehoods or False documentation or social media posts e.g. photos show person is not disabled or gives details contrary to the claim.

Employment Application Fraud

False, stolen or doctored documents.

Other Abuse of Documents

False or temporary driving licences for vehicle finance.

Benefits and Features of utilising SAFPS dashboard

  • The SAFPS database is the main source for enquiring about confirmed fraudsters in South Africa.
  • This search entitles you to search on an ID number or telephone number to verify fraud, financial crime and identity theft etc.
  • You can validate your customer, KYC and their biometrics real time, pro-actively reducing application fraud and impersonation

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