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Why run a refugee photo verification report?

  • Verify the authenticity of individuals claiming refugee status by scrutinizing their photographs, reducing the risk of fraudulent attempts to exploit refugee protection systems.
  • Confirm the identity of individuals seeking refugee status through photo verification, enhancing the accuracy of the refugee application process and minimizing the chances of false claims.
  • Uphold the integrity and effectiveness of refugee protection systems by conducting thorough photo verification, deterring misuse and ensuring that resources are allocated to genuine cases.

Benefits and Features of utilising refugee photo verification reports

  • Strengthen security measures by accurately identifying individuals seeking refugee status, mitigating the potential risks associated with admitting false claimants into refugee populations.
  • Expedite the refugee application process by leveraging photo verification, improving efficiency and reducing administrative burdens on refugee agencies and authorities.
  • Ensure that limited resources and assistance are provided to legitimate refugees in need, fostering a fair and equitable distribution of aid and support within refugee communities.

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