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Why do you need to list a non-payer?

  • You’ve sent the bad payer a Final Demand Letter and they haven’t responded within the required time.

  • If you have tried all avenues of debt collection, listing a bad payer will be your last, but necessary resort.

  • Listing a bad payer also protects other businesses, like yours.

Transunion Credit Bureau

Rules to remember before you can list a defaulter
  • You cannot list below an amount of R100
  • You must send out a final demand letter or a (Section 129) to the individual or company
  • The letter is available under TransUnion
  • You must wait a full 28 days for the debtor to respond before you can list
  • You must wait a full 3 (three) month billing cycle before listing can be logged
Please take note of the following
  • “final notice” listing remains on the bureau for 1 year
  • “handed over” listing remains on the bureau for 1 year
  • “repossession” listing remains for 1 years
  • “bad debt written off” remains for 1 year

Benefits and Features of listing non-payers reports

  • Listing a bad payer allows the credit bureaus to create an up to date profile on consumers and companies.
  • Having Bad Payer Listing as a tool automatically gives Final Demand Letters more authority and urgency.
  • Listing a bad payer will also protect your company from future dealings with them.

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