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Why do you need an SMS system?

  • Connect with your customers, suppliers or partners world-wide using a bulk messaging system.
  • Our bulk messaging platform provides you with scalability, allowing you to send a high volume of messages, delivered reliably and on time.
  • Receive notifications of failed or successful message deliveries and separately receive replies to your bulk SMSes.
  • Reach multiple contacts assigned to a single group or multiple groups for targeted marketing messages or business related updates.

Benefits and Features of utilising the SMS system report

  • With the SMS system you can add contacts and these contacts can belong to a group or different groups. The system will notify you when a SMS has been delivered or if it has failed. It’ll also display the time that the SMS was delivered.
  • Single or bulk SMSes can be sent and a contact or a once-off recipient can reply to your message that will display in your “SMS Replies” tab.
  • A tool that is great for marketing purposes or informing a debtor of your actions e.g. warning before a listing etc.

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