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What is the SAFPS?

The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) is a non-profit company, founded in 2001 by 2 banks and is wholly funded by the members. They are a proudly South African…
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Closeup of woman calculating on calculator with credit card

How to become credit worthy in SA

Your credit worthiness is an important factor when it comes to home loans, vehicle finance, better job opportunities and so much more. Despite encouraging trends, South Africans have a serious…
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Businessman feeling sick and tired of debt

How to trace a bad payer

Bad payers can be highly detrimental to your business as they affect your bottom line and increase the risk of default within your company. Business owners often make the mistake…
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Habits that ruin credit scores

A credit score or credit rating is one of the most important factors in your financial life. Unfortunately, there are many bad habits that could potentially affect your credit score…
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