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Why do you need biometric ID photo lookup?

  • Prevent identify theft or fraud through the biometric ID photo lookup and protect your business.
  • Safeguard against fraudulent transactions by verifying the identity of consumers your company is working with.
  • Protect against fraudulent purchases or theft by verifying the identities of individuals looking to open an account or buy / rent property.

The industries that benefit from using biometric ID photo lookup checks

Vehicle Dealerships

Prevent identity fraud as well as fraudulent purchases by verifying identity documents of individuals who may be presenting false information in order to hijack or falsely purchase your vehicles.

Financial services

Prevent loan application fraud by verifying a potential borrower’s identity, and improve your ability to accept more customers safely. You can authenticate your customers in accordance with FICA and KYC regulations.


Prevent identity fraud and reduce risks by verifying false identification of individuals trying to acquire retail accounts.


Prevent fraudulent transactions and safeguard against theft or home invasions by verifying the identities of individuals looking to buy or rent a property.

Benefits and Features of utilising biometric ID photo lookup

  • You can verify the fingerprints of a consumer against the Home Affairs database and receive a photo of the individual if available
  • Confirm the name, surname, date of birth, gender and more through the reporting platform
  • Reduce the risk of identify fraud in your business and make better informed decisions with our Biometric ID Photo Lookup platform

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