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All these services available on one web platform

XDS Trace Report View Report   MarisIT Property Valuations View Report
XDS Consumer Report View Report   Listing: List and de-list bad payers  
XDS Director Search View Report   Verify: Verification Services View Report
Deeds - All 10 deeds offices View Report   CIPC Company Search View Report
TransUnion Commercial View Report   CIPC Director Search View Report
TransUnion Consumer View Report   Bank Account Verification View Report
TransUnion Trace View Report   International Reports View Report
TransUnion Smart Vetting Report View Report   Deeds Document Copy View Report
Bank Codes View Report   Deeds Spider Search View Report
XDS CIPC Business Report View Report   Full Company Investigate Report View Report
XDS Standard Business Report View Report   SMS Engine View
XDS Detailed Business Report View Report   Property Rental Guarantee View Report
MarisIT XTrace View Report   Cheque & Credit Authorisation View Report
TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry Report View Report   AFIS Fingerprint Check View Report
Compuscan Trace Report View Report   Compuscan Consumer Report View Report
Compuscan My Credit Report View Report      
Download Adobe to view Reports Adobe      


What is the cost of the MarisIT web service? Additional Information

R 800 ex VAT once-off admin fee

Click here to request report pricing.
No monthly or yearly fee FAQ
Pay only for your usage Web Services Screenshots


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