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  • Trace
    Bad Debtors

    We offer a variety of comprehensive
    tracking options to track bad debtors

  • Company

    Information about a company’s credit worthiness.
    An accurate credit decision is essential before granting or extending credit


    Information about an individual’s credit history

  • Academic

    Verify an applicant’s matric or academic qualification status

    Criminal Checks

    Verify a person’s criminal history to assess their trustworthiness

  • Final
    Demand Letters

    Send out Section 129 final demand letters from
    our automated online system

    Listing of
    Bad Payers

    List bad payers via our automated online system in real time

Can you afford not to use us?

Our online web based service will provide an all in one credit risk management solution.

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Customer Service

Our Customer Service team can be emailed at . Should you prefer, contact us via phone, our number is 012 542 7614 . You can also contact us via our online Chat function which can be found on our webpage.

Tried & Tested

MarisIT's focus is on stable, tried and tested solutions with elements of new technology implemented as it becomes available. We continuously receive feedback from clients to enhance the productivity of the software.

Innovative Solutions

MarisIT provides credit scoring and vetting solutions for small, medium and enterprise companies. Our expertise in providing fully integrated credit bureaus and real time technology solutions enables our clients to maximize their profit, minimize risk and grow their businesses profitably by eliminating bad debt and fraud.

MarisIT Web Services

All available on one web platform

XDS Trace Report View Report
XDS Consumer Report View Report
XDS Director Search View Report
Deeds - All 10 deeds offices View Report
TransUnion Commercial View Report
TransUnion Consumer View Report
TransUnion Trace View Report
TransUnion Smart Vetting Report View Report
Bank Codes View Report
XDS CIPC Business Report View Report
XDS Standard Business Report View Report
XDS Detailed Business Report View Report
MarisIT XTrace View Report
TransUnion Vehicle Enquiry Report View Report
Compuscan Trace Report View Report
Compuscan My Credit Report View Report
MarisIT Property Valuations View Report
Listing: List and de-list bad payers
Verify: Verification Services View Report
CIPC Company Search View Report
CIPC Director Search View Report
Bank Account Verification View Report
International Reports View Report
Deeds Document Copy View Report
Deeds Spider Search View Report
Full Company Investigate Report View Report
SMS Engine View Report
Property Rental Guarantee View Report
Cheque & Credit Authorisation View Report
AFIS Fingerprint Check View Report
Compuscan Consumer Report View Report
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MarisIT Verify Services

Manage your risk

Vehicle Owner Verification Criminal Records Marriage Search
TU HPI Vehicle Search Drivers License Enquiry Incl. PrDP Matric SA Verification
Academic Verification (SA only)

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With web services you will find the most comprehensive tool for credit scoring and vetting all in one.

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